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Scientists from Japan visited Samarkand


On August 30, Japanese delegation of Nagoya University led by its President Seiichi Matsuo arrived in Samarkand.

The Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, Ryoji Noyori, and a number of well-known scientists began their acquaintance with Samarkand from visiting the Amir Temur mausoleum.

Detailed information on establishment by the great commander of a mighty state, his fair domestic policy, contribution to the development of science and culture of the region, creative work was provided for the guests.

The history of creation of three magnificent madrassahs on Registan Square and the exhibition of national artisans’ products aroused great interest among Japanese scientists.

Members of the delegation got acquainted with Bibi-Khanym mosque, the Mirzo Ulugbek observatory and other cultural and historical monuments.