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Citizens’ interests and national development


At a plenary session of the lower house of parliament recently, a number of draft laws aimed at ensuring the interests of citizens in the social, economic and legal spheres were considered.

In the second reading, the bill that provides for the introduction of amendments and addenda to the Law “On State Pensions for Citizens”.

According to the additions made, the procedure for assigning preferential pensions to certain categories of people with disabilities of I and II groups is improved even more, as well as the retention of excessive payments for pensions, revealed as a result of inspections for the proper appointment and payment of pensions. In particular, the draft law provides for the allocation of preferential pensions to certain categories of persons with disabilities of groups I and II on the list, which will be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is proposed to retire by age 5 years before the general age, including men - with at least 25 years of work experience, women - with work experience of at least 20 years. In addition, the court determines the procedure for recovery, in case of disagreement of the pensioner with the decision of the district (city) department of the Pension extra-budgetary fund, on the payment of excessive amounts.

According to the deputies, the adoption of the law will serve to improve the work on social support and protection of certain categories of persons with disabilities.

Recent reforms in the judicial and legal sphere have also covered the issues of optimizing the size of the state fee and the fair distribution of court expenses among all participants in the judicial process. The draft law “On the Introduction of Amendments and Addenda to the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, considered by the lawmakers in the first reading, is significant in that it stipulates the introduction of appropriate amendments to the legislative acts in connection with the reduction of the state duty rates when applying to civil courts.

In accordance with the decree of the President of the country, from June 1, 2018, certain licensed types of activities and licensing procedures in the sphere of entrepreneurial activity are canceled, in particular, the conclusion on the approval of the feasibility study of the processing of enterprises with the state share in the statutory fund of goods in the customs territory and the conformity of processing of goods economic interests of the country.

In this regard, under the draft law “On Amendments to the Customs Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, considered in the first reading, the permissive norms of this code, connected with the requirements and conditions of processing goods in the customs territory, outside the customs territory, are excluded.

The draft law provides for the cancellation of unreasonable administrative control by state bodies, which will serve to further the development of entrepreneurship.

Lively discussions during the meeting created an opportunity for a thorough discussion of the bills on the agenda.