Made with love

In the building of the exhibition of culture and art of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic held a traditional handicrafts fair "MASTER UZ".

The land of mysteries and discoveries

Karakalpakstan is rich in spectacular places that could draw interest of many. First of all, it is nature, six architectural and 18 archeological sites. Not all of them have yet become available for tourists, but the development of tourist infrastructure make them attractive for those, who love traveling. People living here are popular for their sincere hospitality, who carefully preserve unique traditions and customs. And among locals there are long-livers.

To the 100th anniversary of the Museum of Arts

IA "Jahon" - The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan awaits reconstruction. In accordance with decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of 23 December 2014, it will begin in 2015.

Soon VII Tashkent International Photobiennale

IA "Jahon", D.Atahanova - From 6 to 14 October 2014, in Tashkent and Bukhara will be held one of the central cultural event of the year - VII Tashkent International Photobiennale.

Festival of Friendship and Hospitality

The metropolitan Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace has hosted a festival of national meals Tasanno 2014 in dedication to the 23rd anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence.

Fabulous woodwork

IA "Jahon" - In Uzbekistan, it has been doing a lot of work on preserving and promoting culture, national traditions and customs, creating favorable conditions for the effective operation of artisans, supporting deserving stimulus for their work.

Exhibition "Mentor-apprentice"

IA "Jahon" - In the exhibition hall of Karakalpakstan Branch of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan opened a traditional exhibition "Mentor-apprentice", reports the official website of the Academy

A Festival of Highly Virtuous Generation

IA "Jahon" - The national creative festival “Highly Virtuous Generation” organized by the Republican Center for Ethical Perfection kicked off June 20 at the Alisher Navoi National Library of Uzbekistan.

Address by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.E. Mr. Islam Karimov at the International Conference «The historical heritage of scientists and thinkers of the Medieval East, its role and significance for the modern civilization»

Dear participants of the Conference!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
It gives me an enormous pleasure to welcome You, the participants of the Conference, and first of all our distinguished guests – the heads and representatives of high-profile international organizations and institutions, science and research centers, universities and higher educational institutions, prominent scholars and experts, and express my deep respect and gratitude for accepting our invitation to take part at this Forum.

Shermuhammad the Mirab Ibn Auzbi Muniz

Statesman, poet, historian, translator. Muniz was born in the village Ciat, located in 8 km from the town of Khiva, in a family of mirabs. Has got education in one of Khiva madrassa. Mentors Munis were known poets of that time, in particular, Syed Muzaffar Hoxha, who wore a poetic alias Cirami.

Mukhammadriza mirab ibn Erniyazbek Agakhi

Statesman, poet, historian, translator. Agakhi came from a noble family , whose members often held the rank of Mirabeau. Mukhammadrizo , orphaned early, brought up by his uncle, the famous poet and historian Shirmuhammadom Muniz. Studied in one of Khiva madrasah. A large role in shaping the world and the choice of creative ways Agakhi played Muniz and his entourage.

Giyasaddin Nakkash

An artist and historian of the Temurids’ epoch. Giyas ad-din Nakkash lived and worked at Shahruh’s court in Herat, in 1419-1422 he visited China as an Ambassador of the Temurids’ state. He composed a diary of travels of Temurids’ ambassadors to China.

Glad to Visit the Land of World-Renowned Thinkers

Scholars and specialists from nearly fifty nations, heads and other officials of prominent international organizations arrived May 14 in Samarkand to take part in the international academic conference “The Historical Legacy of Scientists and Thinkers of the Medieval East, Its Role and Significance for the Modern Civilization.”

Ala ad-Din Ali ibn Muhammad al-Qushchi

Astronomer, mathematician, and geographer. Ali Qushchi was the closest friend and the learner of Mirza Ulughbek.

Mahmud Zamahshari

Abu- al-Kasim Mahmud ibn Umar Zamahshari was born on March 18, 1075 in a rural area Zamahshar in a profoundly educated family.

Fahriddin Razi

Philosopher, logician, linguist, medical specialist. Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Umar ibn Al-Huseyn, also is known as Fahriddin Razi was born in 1148 in Rey.

Fasix Khavafi

Fasih Javapi was born in 1375 , in, Rui (district centre Half in Khorasan). Grew up and studied in Herat.

Sharafaddin Ali Yazdi

An all-round scholar, astronomer, philosopher, historian, the investigator of science problems. Sharafaddin ali Yazdi was born in Taft (Iran).

Abu Ali ibn Sina

Abu Ali al-Huseyn ibn Abdallah ibn Sina was born in Afshana near Bukhara. He got primary education by his father, then he learned sciences at Abu Abdallah an- Natili in Bukhara.

Mahmud Chagmini

Astronomer, mathematician, geographer. There is no accurate data on the date of birth of Mahmud al-Chagmini, though it is known that he was born in Chagmin, close to the capital of Khorezm-shahs (governors of Khorezm) – the city of Gurganj.

Giyasiddin Jamshid ibn Mas’ud Qashi

Mathematician and astronomer. He was born in the city of Qashqan (the city governed by Amir Temur, now under the authority of Iran). In 1413-14 he designed astronomical graphs dedicated to Shahruh, the son of Amir Temur (The governor of the state of Amir Temur at those times).

To Study the Splendid Legacy of Our Great Ancestors

On May 15-16, 2014, Samarkand is due to host an international conference on the historical heritage of scientists and thinkers of the Medieval East, its role and significance for the modern civilization.

Tashkent’s Navoi Park Hosts Central Festive Event Occasioned to Navruz Holiday

The land of Uzbekistan has welcomed the Navruz in its inimitable beauty, with a spring breeze and the blossom of snowdrops and tulips. Navruz is a symbol of clear skies, rebirth of the nature, love, and it is a hymn of life.

President Islam Karimov’s Greeting Address at the Navruz Festive Occasion

Dear compatriots!

Esteemed guests!

With tremendous enthusiasm and joy do we always thoroughly prepare for and widely celebrate the holidays associated with historical dates momentous for our country and the people.

Exhibition of Sculpture Works

An exposition of works by the people’s Artist of Uzbekistan, the sculptor Jaloliddin Mirtojiev has taken place in the Central Exhibition Hall of Uzbekistan’s Academy of Arts, reports UzA.

Unconventional Exhibition by Timur Ahmedov Takes Place in the Capital

Its singularity is noticed just entering the hall of the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan, said Uzbekistan Today News Agency.

Regional Round Winners Named

Andijan has hosted the regional round of the contest “Yurt Kelajagi” organized jointly by the Kamolot Youth Social Movement, the Ministries of Higher and Secondary Education as well as Culture and Sports.

Embodiment of Noble Hopes and Aspirations

The metropolitan Turkiston Palace has hosted the ceremony of awarding the winners of the national round of the “Kamalak Yulduzlari” (Stars of Rainbow) festival of children’s artistic creativity and the “Yurt Kelajagi” (The Future of the Nation) national show contest.

The Ancient Khiva on Euronews TV Channel

The Euronews TV channel has been airing a series of broadcasts entitled “Uzbekistan Life” narrating the rich history, cultural heritage and tourist infrastructure of our country.

Big Bliss of Small Kids

350 children are taught at the preschool education institution no.27 in the city of Nukus with the help of new pedagogical technologies.