Navoi's name on a par with the names of Shakespeare and Balzac, Pushkin and Tolstoy...

These days the attention of many domestic and foreign media focused on the remarkable date - celebration of 575th anniversary of great poet, wise statesman, humanist Alisher Navoi. Numerous publications devoted to the life and work of Uzbek unsurpassed master of poetic word and thinker.

Tourist brand of Uzbekistan becoming more and more popular in Europe

Tours of Uzbekistan have become increasingly popular in France and in Europe in general. This opinion was expressed by plenty of representatives of this sphere, organizing tours for their countrymen. In particular, as noted by the French tour operators, it's nice to know that the people of the country have traditionally occupied a leading position in the number of foreign tourists visiting Uzbekistan.



Main goal of the museum is a veracious and trustworthy representation of high level development of science, education, enlightenment, culture in the period of Amir Temur and Temurids.

Bukhara to host "Silk and spices" festival

Bukhara on 26-28 May will host the festival "Silk and spices". These days the city will give an unforgettable holiday for lovers of Eastern culture and those who wish to experience the amazing historical heritage of the city, the originality and the features of its applied art, national customs and traditions.

Over the years, this unique festival has been organized with the aim of preserving and promoting national cultural heritage.

The pride of Uzbek people

Alisher Navoi was one of great people, who has had a profound effect on formation of people’s spirituality. If we call him great holy man, he is the most holy among the saints, if we name him the thinker, he is the best among them, if to name him a poet, then he is King among the poets.

Islam Karimov,
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Studying poet’s priceless heritage

The book of the President of our country Islam Karimov “High spirituality - an invincible force” noted that the love to native language, awareness of its wealth and greatness are born in us, first of all, through Alisher Navoi’s creativity.

Euronews about Khiva’s sights

January 11-17, Euronews broadcasts a second program of Postcards from Uzbekistan – “Postcards from Uzbekistan. Khiva, the ancient city”. It is dedicated to the main historical and tourist sights of the city-museum under the open sky.

The next release of the program “Let’s go to eat!” will be shot in Uzbekistan

The camera crew of the popular cooking show “Let’s go to eat!” («Poyedem, poyedim!»), came out every week on the Russian federal TV channel “НТВ”, has arrived today on November 9 in Uzbekistan. The crew is headed by the popular anchorman, connoisseur of cuisine, John Warren.

South Korea hosted an exhibition on culture and tradition of Uzbekistan

The Art Center Songnam Gyeonggi Province (South Korea) hosted an exhibition devoted to the rich culture and traditional art of Uzbekistan. It was organized by the Embassy of our country in the Republic of Korea with the help of the Art Center Songnam homonymous Cultural Foundation.

Swiss hosted the presentation on achievements of Uzbekistan

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the UN in Geneva, presentation of Uzbekistan was held, which was dedicated to the 24 anniversary of the state independence of the republic, as well as its cooperation with this organization.

Uzbek Bolshoi Theater re-opens after capital reconstruction

Uzbek Bolshoi Theater re-opens after capital reconstruction An opening ceremony of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi was held on October 25 after a major reconstruction.

Samarkand’s silk road treasures

Camel caravans once stopped in Samarkand on their way from China to Europe. In the first edition of “Uzbekistan Life” we trace the legacy of the legendary Silk Road and explore how it still influences the city today.

Executive Director of UNWTO about five reasons to visit Uzbekistan

The main guest of XXI International Tourism Fair "Tourism on the Silk Road" (TITF 2015) became Zoltán Somogyi - executive director of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Tashkent hosts TITF 2015 (photos)

At the National Exhibition Complex "Uzexpocentre" began its work XXI International Tourism Fair "Tourism on the Silk Road".

Euronews is preparing to shoot thematic programs about historical cities of Uzbekistan

From 5 to 14 October the crew of leading European TV channel Euronews as part of the correspondent Catherine Cahoon and operator Fabian Welter to be in Uzbekistan to prepare the three thematic programs about historical cities of Uzbekistan - Samarkand, Bukhara and Termez for the program "Uzbekistan Life".

Uzbekistan at the International Festival "Kiev is the city of unity"

Within the framework of the international festival "Kiev - the city of unity", which was attended by representatives of many foreign countries, a presentation of the cultural and historical heritage of Uzbekistan was held.

Sharq Taronalari Academic Conference

The international academic conference entitled “Community of Musical Culture of the Peoples of the East” has taken place in Samarkand within the frameworks of the 10th Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival.

Festival Facilitates the Consolidation of Peace and Harmony

Eric Falt, UNESCO Assistant Director General

“Music is capable of uniting peoples in the name of a common goal. I would like to stress that cementing the friendship among the peoples of the world and further enriching the intercultural dialogue is contributed also by the festival “Sharq Taronalari”. Praiseworthy is Uzbekistan’s noble endeavors toward the development of music art, preservation of the traditions of classical national music for future generations.

Exhibition dedicated to the independence of Uzbekistan

Gallery of Fine Arts in Tashkent hosted an exhibition dedicated to the celebration of the 24 anniversary of independence of our Motherland, organized by the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It demonstrates the best works by modern Uzbek artists, folk artists and designers.

Traditional flowers festival

22-23 August, 2015, Namangan to hold the 55th traditional flowers festival, according to the press service of the hokimiyat (mayor's office) of the city.

Uzbekistan - inimitable country

According to the flow of tourists coming to our country can be judged on the overall development of the state and increasing its prestige in the international arena. Foreign tourists can be found in all the cities of nice Uzbekistan. UzA correspondents had a conversation with some of them.

Exhibition of discoveries from the antiquity

The exposition entitled “The Culture of the Ancient Chach” has opened at the International Caravan-Serai of Culture of Uzbekistan Academy of Arts. The exhibition presents finds from the antiquity discovered in the memorial complexes of Konka and Korshovultepa in Tashkent Region.

Forum of art, beauty and goodness

Samarkand actively preparing for the X International Music Festival "Sharq taronalari". Representatives from more than 60 countries expected to participate in this prestigious international cultural event this year. This international forum had been organized on the initiative of President Islam Karimov in 1997, and held every two years, it serves to the preservation and development of our national musical culture, as well as national music and song traditions of the peoples of the world, uniting through the art of various nations and nationalities.

Exhibition of ancient findings

International Caravanserai of Culture of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan opened the exhibition "Culture of ancient Chach". It demonstrates the ancient objects found in the memorial complex Konca and Korshovultepa of Tashkent region.

Museum of the History of Khorezm to be opened in Khiva

In the city of Khiva, on the territory of Ichan-Kala settlement, a new museum dedicated to the history of this region to be opened, press service of "Uzbektourism" reports.

Evening of musical traditions of Bukhara

Tashkent hosted an evening of musical traditions of Bukhara organized by Oxus Culture in collaboration with a network of cafes of Uzbek national cuisine Oshxona.Uz.

Representatives of the Republic of Korea about their participation in festival "Sharq taronalari"

These days preparation for the X International Music Festival "Sharq taronalari" in Samarkand is in full swing. And this is happening not only in Uzbekistan - foreign participants of the upcoming festival are also preparing for performances and anxiously await their arrival in our country.

"The Baltic Course" about the X International Music Festival "Sharq taronalari"

The website of the Latvian International Journal "The Baltic Course" published an article about X International Music Festival "Sharq taronalari", which will be held in Samarkand from 25th to 30th August 2015.