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Surkhandarya – Homeland of Bakhshi


An exhibition under this title was held in Termez Archeological Museum on the eve of Bakhshi International Art Festival, which will be held on April 5-10 this year in Termez.

The exhibition demonstrated national costumes, dombra and other unique objects of art.

Participants got acquainted with interesting facts about the life and work of such People’s Bakhshi of Uzbekistan as Kora Umirov, Shoberdi Boltayev, Hushbok Mardonakul ugli, Abdunazar Poyonov, as well as the winner of Nihol Prize, Ilkhom Norov and other bakhshi-poets.

The exhibition, which embodied the unique national customs of our people, along with representatives of state and public organizations, bakhshi and youth, was also attended by students of the Educational Center for Afghan citizens at the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

At the event, poems from the repertoire of bakhshi were read, songs were performed by the People’s Bakhshi of Uzbekistan and youth.