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Share a photo from #BoburDay festivities


#BoburDay festivities, dedicated to the birthday of the great statesman, commander and poet Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, have been held on youth initiative for several years.

The event takes place at Tashkent State University of Economics. During the day, participants of festivities are taking photos near special banners, decorations, reflecting the hashtags of festivities #BoburDay, and posting them on social networks.

Well-known artists who study the heritage of the poet, as well as theater and cinema actors with their performances, professional artists are conducting master classes, masters of Asian carving are surprising with their creativity, and champions who have won world sports arenas are performing national and world dances.

#BoburDay hashtag once again promotes the life and work of the great scientist among Internet users. Youth have the opportunity to participate in this event with their peers from all over the world.

The number of participants is increasing every minute in #BoburDay festivities, which has covered the entire virtual world. Among the participants are youth engaged in academic or labor activities in Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, China, Japan, South Korea, India, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine and other countries.