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International Scientific Practical Conference has ended


A two-day international scientific practical conference on “The role of bakhshi art in world civilization” took place in Termez within the framework of the International Bakhshi Art Festival.

It was attended by folklorists, scientific researchers from France, Bulgaria, Russia, South Korea, Moldova, Turkey, Iran. The tasks of developing bakhshi art and performing dastans, further enhancing the role of oral folklore in development of culture and art of the East and West, the scientific study of dastans of Uzbek people and epics of other nations, establishment of a mutual creative dialogue were discussed.

The second day of the conference was also filled with discussions of scientists and specialists. Reports on such topics as “History, theory of the tradition of bakhshi art and performing art”, “Epic as a pearl of the spiritual heritage of people”, “Modern state of bakhshi art and problems of its preservation”, “Epic heritage in the context of ethnic music” were heard. A detailed exchange of views took place on the role of the intangible cultural heritage in our life, its significance in development of the national values of peoples and education of the young generation in the spirit of patriotism. Recommendations were made on the application of effective measures to protect young people from the influence of mass culture, which alienates them from oral folk art.

Following the conference, presentations by section moderators were heard. Suggestions and recommendations for the careful preservation of unique samples of ancient art and its development, introduction into the consciousness of youth were forwarded. Presentation of new publications was held.