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International folklore music festival

International folklore music festival


International Folklore Music Festival “Buyuk Ipak Yuli” (Great Silk Road) will be held on 11-13 July in Margilan.

The festival will be held every 2 years in the summer, starting from 2019, the press service of the State Committee for Tourism informs.

The organizers are the Ministry of Culture and the khokimiyat of Ferghana region. At the festival competitions will be held in several nominations:

the art of singing (such types as "Alla", "Bakhshi", "Lapar", "Terma", etc.);
art of dance (national dances of various regions);
National ancient folk instrumental art.
The number of participants in folk and instrumental groups - no more than 12, in folk dance ensembles - no more than 14.

The festival program will consist of 3 stages:

The first round of the festival is held in the regions on the ground. According to their results, the regional cultural departments will recommend the participants for the next stages. Until May 10, the Ministry of Culture will submit an application, a creative description of the recommended participant, as well as a protocol, photos and videos of the event;
The second round will be held in the second half of June in Tashkent in the form of an absentee selection in separate nominations on the basis of the submitted materials;
The final tour will take place in Margilan.
Foreign performers participate in the competition program immediately from the second round. Their participation is carried out on the basis of documents and materials submitted by the relevant state organizations of the countries through the Committee on Interethnic Relations and Friendly Relations with Foreign Countries. Festival participants will be exempt from consular and other fees for visas.

The winners of the festival in each category will be awarded with cash prizes.

Source: UzDaily.com