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International Festival continues


International Bakhshi Art Festival in Termez continues at a high level.

Domestic and foreign folklorists, bakhshi, narrators and akyns, artists, guests from many countries of the world are attending the event. Admirers of this art from various regions of the country and districts of Surkhandarya are also taking active part in the events held within the framework of the festival. They are getting acquainted with the ethnographic towns.

The festival, which widely demonstrates our national values and unique art, makes an unforgettable impression not only on foreign visitors, but also on the local population.

The festival includes exhibitions of handicrafts, fine arts, and the presentation of new books. Excursions to sacred places of worship, historical monuments and other attractions of the region are organized.

A deep meaning lies in the wide dissemination of bakhshi art on the Great Silk Road and promotion of its pearls. This will have a strong influence on world culture and art. Conducting this festival on a traditional basis will play an important role in the deep national self-knowledge of young people.

Within the framework of the festival, international bakhshi competitions, as well as concert programs with participation of domestic and foreign artists are organized.