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British Library implements projects on digitalization of Alisher Navoi


As it is known on 9 February, lovers of high poetry celebrated the birthday of the great Uzbek poet, writer and statesman Alisher Navoi.

To commemorate this event, the British Library, with the assistance of the Tashkent State University of the Uzbek Language and Literature named after Alisher Navoi, has implemented a project to digitize manuscripts of an eminent thinker, electronic versions of which are now available on the library’s website.

All three primary sources that became widely available included the poems “Muntahabi Devoni Navoi” (“Selected Poems of Navoi”), “Devoni Fani” and “Tuhfat ul Salatin”. The last manuscript also contains works by eight other authors, reports the news agency Dunyo.

According to experts of the British Library, “Muntahabi Devoni Navoi” is a true miracle worthy of contemplation.

The institution’s website also notes that 110 manuscripts relating to the Chagatai (Old Uzbek) language are kept in its book fund. Of these, 30 were first written by Alisher Navoi. In the coming years, the Library intends to digitize other manuscripts of the great poet.

Source: UzDaily.com